Tips from our growers:

  • After the leaves sprout, fertilize with compost or an all-purpose fertilizer
  • Remove weeds during the growing process. Horseradish doesn’t like the competition for water and nutrients that weeds present.
  • Horseradish doesn’t need a regular watering schedule, but you’ll likely see a larger crop if the crop is watered.

Lift & Sucker Process:

To get the main root to grow as large as possible you can lift & sucker the plant.

  • Using a garden hoe or small tool to create visibility, gently raise the crown of the main root and break off the secondary roots forming at the crown
  • Remove most of the leaf shoots at the top of the plant
  • Do this once early in the growing process and once about halfway through

This process aids in larger growth of the central root. A larger central root makes home cooking easier with a larger usable surface under the skin once peeled. This means less peeling and more grinding!