When and Where

When is planting season?
For Collinsville’s zone the optimal planting time is March through early May
Where should horseradish be planted?
Plant in direct sunlight if possible. Part shade works too, but horseradish loves its sunlight.
Horseradish has a large root system and tends to take over gardens. The recommendation is to plant away from other crops/flowers so that the root system doesn’t harm other plants.
You can use a raised bed or area to plan, but keep in mind, the roots need to have room to grow because that’s the part you grind!

How to Plant

Dig holes 3-4 inches deep and 12-18 inches apart if you have more than one plant.
Insert one set per hole horizontally. Cover the root with dirt and water well.
Horseradish doesn’t need to be watered as strictly as other plants but for best growth you’ll want to make sure it gets water for best growth, especially in the summer heat.
Be sure to come back in a couple of months to learn about what to do after planting horseradish!