Horseradish is a versatile root vegetable that can be used year-round in a variety of ways. It’s often overlooked in the summer, but take a look below for a couple of fresh ways to incorporate horseradish into summertime menus.

Grilling Season

Horseradish works well with just about all grilled proteins. Steaks? Absolutely! Pork? You bet. Brats? No doubt. Burgers, Fish, Chicken? Of course! Horseradish works really well with pretty much all proteins. It can even be added to your favorite BBQ sauces to add a different flavor profile to your classic sauces.


One of the top secrets for keeping pickles fresh: horseradish. The tannin within horseradish roots and its leaves helps to keep pickles crispier for a longer period of time. The root’s natural heat also adds to the taste of the pickles.


Fresh grated horseradish root goes great on salad greens in many different types of salads. Horseradish can also be added to salad dressings rather than directly to the greens themselves.

Charcuterie Boards

We know that horseradish works well with proteins, but it also goes great with crackers and cheese so incorporating the root into a charcuterie board makes so much sense and is so very tasty. Not sure about adding a full horseradish dip? Adding it to a mustard dip is another great way of bringing horseradish to the table.


In addition to charcuterie boards horseradish can be included in all different types of dips for all type of chips and veggie trays. Horseradish plays really well with sour cream, mayo, and other dip bases. It can even be included to add a kick to your favorite hummus recipe!

There are many other ways of incorporating horseradish into your favorite summer dishes, these are just some of our favorites. For more recipes check out this link to our recipes page.

Graded Horseradish